The Beer

Barrel Aged Scotch Ale – Malty, light smoked, aged in organic once used Bourbon barrels.

Belgain WaffAle – Belgian wit inspired beer, without the coriander and orange peel. Strawberry and biscuit malt instead simulate the waffle character.

Canuck Chinook – Brewed entirely with Maple Sap, using Maine Malt House base grain and Blue Ox Malthouse Vienna grain that give it a malty backbone, with disctinct maple character with Canadian grown Chinook hops from Moose Mountain Hops.


Chocolate Orange – A double brown style ale brewed with baker’s cocoa and citrus hops, with orange peel added to secondary fermentation giving it a chocolate orange candy-like character.

Coconut Red – Holy coconut! It’s a malt forward Irish Red with hop bitterness in the middle and a toasted coconut throughout.

Deep Red – This Red Ale has malted oats and roasted malt to give it a rich roasted complexity. It is brewed with kelp to add a little salty richness.

Dill Cucumber Pale – 90% Maine made Malt, 100% Maine grown hops. Dill and cucumber added post fermentation for flavor. An English inspired pale with caramel back bone.

Draft Punk! – Free form brew with no style. Amber in color using 9 different malts, one of them smoked over apple wood with whole cloves. Bavarian Lager yeast fermented at ale temps. Punk beer!

Flaked Maize Lager – Pre-prohibition style lager brewed with a liberal dose of Flaked Maize, that adds a sweetness to the smooth lager. Nugget hops balance the sweetness.

Golden Cranberry – Belgian Golden Ale, mild spice, balancing hops and cranberry to give it a dry finish.

Liquorice Baltic Porter – Strong malt backbone, roasted malt, balancing hops, light liquorice flavor from Star Anise.

Maine Made Pale – Complex sweetness, slight orange tint in color, citrus hop character. 100% sourced Maine ingredients, including malt from Blue Ox Malthouse.

Maple Braggot – Very complex malt character with a maple backbone. Mild hop, high in alcohol. Very limited run.

Maybock – Malty character with a light color. Very smooth with a bit of sweet, herbal flavor due to addition of Fennel seed at end of boil.

Molasses Ginger Mild – A British Mild style ale with molasses and ginger root added to the brew to give a festive character. Low on alcohol big on character.

Oatmeal Raisin Stout – Aroma of rum raisin, color of a roasted stout, sweet stout flavor, roasty notes, subtle raisin flavors in the finish, smooth body.

Olive Gose

Rauch Weizen – Banana and clove coupled with mild smokiness. Complex, but light summer beer.

Rhubarb Kolsch – A light German style ale with a sharp-sweet Rhubarb finish.

R.I.P.A. – A Rauch IPA. Cherrywood smoked malt complements a caramel malt backbone. It has 100 IBUs, which come from Chinook, Cascade, and Nugget hops. Pairs great with pizza, BBQ, or Greek food!

Roasted Garlic Alt Bier – Richly malty, subtly sweet, balancing to bittering hops with a pleasant roasted garlic aroma and a light roasted garlic flavor throughout.

Salted Caramel – A dunkelwiezen style ale with lactose and salt added and an extra long boil to caramelize the sugars. It tastes like a salted caramel candy, very easy to drink.

Sarsaparilla Weizen Bock – A wheat German lager that has added sarsaparilla, that gives it a woodsy, herbal sweetness.

Scottish Spruce –  A well balanced malt forward beer with a citrus kick at the end from locally harvest spruce tips.

Sidamo Brown – A coffee forward beer with smooth chocolate undertones from the dark roasted Sidamo coffee beans, roasted at Green Tree Coffee & Tea in Lincolnville, ME.

Spiced Abbey Ale – A rye Abbey Belgian style beer with coriander, spruce and mint. It is big, malty, and smooth to help get you through the cold winter months.

Sweet Potato Dunkel – A traditional dunkelweizen with roasted sweet potatoes, which gives a caramel and clove flavor profile.

Tripel Ginger – Belgian Tripel with ginger added three times twice during boil, once post fermentation. This complex malty, slightly warming ale has the added freshness and spice of ginger.

Winter Abbey – Rye malt, the spices complement the style for a winter warmer.


One thought on “The Beer

  1. I Love what your doing with these beers!!! VERY unique flavors.
    I am from Houlton and hope to be down your way in mid-July. No doubt i will be in to try these Great sounding beers!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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