Christmas Time

This year we are so happy to be raising money again for a local family of 5 asking for a Christmas dinner. This weekend is last weekend we are raising money and we will go to Hannaford to get a gift card and turn it in to Hands of Hope that will pass it along to the family.

This is something we feel very strongly about at Blank Canvas Brewery. Please help us give this family money for a Christmas dinner and more.


Blackfly Brew Fest

We had a great time in Houlton this past weekend! Thanks to everyone that made it possible. We love this brew fest, we’ll be back again next year!

Vote for us!!

We are participating in the “What makes your business unique?” competition from SCORE.

Please vote for us! You can vote 10 times in a row every hour.  Winning the $25000 would allow us to increase production and put together a canning/bottling service so we can expand into stores around the state.

We’re always asked were people can find us, well, with your help, you’ll be able to find us at your local store!

It’s been a while

We are so sorry we have neglected this page. We have been focusing our attention on Facebook and often forget to transfer the information here.

We are currently raising money for a tag from a Hands of Hope Tree. This tag is asking for a gift card for Christmas dinner.  We feel like we can give them so much more. We are hoping you all are in the giving spirit when you come in to the brewery and can help this family not only have an amazing Christmas dinner, but give them a gift card large enough so they don’t have to worry about dinner for a while.

First Weekend Back

Thank you to everyone that has come out to welcome us back.  We have missed you all, and are so proud to show you the new space. If you haven’t had a chance to come out yet, we are open tonight from 4pm-9pm.  5 great beers on tap, and lots to do in the new location!

And we are open!

The time has come for our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

We are OPEN this Thursday July 21 from 4-9pm. We will be having a Grand Re-opening Party on Friday July 22 from 4-9pm! We will also be open on Saturday July 23 from 4-9pm!

We have missed you all and can’t wait to see you back at the tap house!!!

We need some artwork if anyone would like to show their work at the brewery.